Dell 7345U

For sale used Dell Inspiron Notebook Advanced Port Replicator model PRX 7345U

Compatible with the Inspiron 3700, 3800, 4000, 4100, 4150, 8000, 8100, and 8200 notebooks. Part number 7345U. Notebook locks into the port replicator in seconds and then you have the convenience of using full size peripherals. Please note these work with the PA-6 adapter that comes with the notebook, except the 4150 and 8200 that require the 90-Watt PA-9 power adapter - if you want to order with a power adapter please be sure to use the shopping cart button with the appropriate power adapter for your Inspiron. Stock of PA-9 adapters is limited and shipping may be delayed by up to two weeks if these are not in stock - you can email me using the link at the bottom to confirm my current stock position.

Front view:
Dell Inspiron prx 7345u Port Replicator

Rear view, ports from left to right in this picture are: 2 USB ports, ps2-style keyboard, ps2-style mouse, serial port, RJ45 network jack, parallel port, video monitor port, and 3-pin power connector:
Dell Inspiron prx 7345u Port Replicator

Front controls and locking mechanism:

Headphone jack:

Label on underside with model number:

These are previously used units from dot com bankruptcy/liquidation auctions, in most cases used for less than 18 months. They have been tested and are guaranteed for 15 days from date of purchase (see below).

Dell Inspiron Advanced Port Replicator model PRX: $99.95.
Dell PA-6 watt power adapter with AC cord: $29.95
Dell Monitor Stand: $19.95
Combo: Dell Inspiron Advanced Port Replicator model PRX with Monitor Stand and PA-6 Power Adapter: $139.95.
Dell PA-9 watt power adapter with AC cord: $39.95
Combo: Dell Inspiron Advanced Port Replicator model PRX with Monitor Stand and PA-9 Power Adapter for Inspiron 4150 and 8200: $149.95
$7.95 Extra Shipping For International Orders
Any drivers or documentation needed can be obtained free from Dell's web site.

We offer a money back guarantee. If a unit has a problem you may return it within 15 days from the day you receive it and we will refund your purchase price less outward shipping cost (you pay both outward and return shipping).

We accept paypal, visa, mastercard, and personal/business checks. Sorry, we do not accept American Express or Diners Club or any other credit cards.

For any enquiries please email me with your requirements or call 408/725-8652. We are in San Jose, California.

Limited quantities available and offered subject to stock on hand. If we are out of stock we will immediately notify you and estimate restocking time (usually a few days to a week or two).

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