Grammarian2 Mac Software Sale

Grammarian2 Mac Software New Promo Pak $39.95

For Apple Macintosh computers running Mac OS 8.1 or higher. Requires CD ROM drive.
Good grammar is good communication! Grammarian improves your...

  • Punctuation
  • Phrase usage
  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar mechanics
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    New Allows you to adjust your writing level by grade.
    New Offers more styles and rules for even greater flexibiility.
    New Features improved statistics - you can monitor interest level and reader ease.
    New Uses Homophonic Checking to catch mistakes involving homophonic words: their/there, except/accept.
    X Checks interactively or by batch in almost every application including word-processing, page-layout, e-mail - you name it!
    X Works in conjunction with Spell Catcher 8 for the complete writing solution.
    X Expands and converts contractions.
    X Speaks your errors and suggestions.

    Grammarian's intelligent Thematic Relations Technology lets it make in-context suggestions to improve your writing. Use Grammarian's customizable Writing Styles and over 150 writing rules to make yo9ur ideas clear and easy to understand.

    The software that you will receive is new and unused in a promo-pak booklet with CD and blank warranty registration card with serial numbers.

    This is new unused software but is priced low and is being sold as is.

    Shipping is by first class mail in the USA and by airmail to overseas locations. Shipping cost is $3 for USA and $6 for locations outside the USA.