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Mac Care Unit Software New Promo Pak $49.95
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This is Casady & Greene's MAC Care Unit featuring 7 award-winning utilities on one CD:

  • Conflict Catcher 8
  • Chaos Master
  • CopyAgent
  • DiskWarrior
  • PlusOptimizer
  • NetBarrier
  • VirusBarrier
  • For most Apple Macintosh computers running Mac OS 8.1 or higher (CopyAgent requires Mac OS 8.5 or greater). Requires CD ROM drive.

    The Total Solution for Diagnosis, Cure & Prevention.

    Mac Care Unit includes 7 award-winning essential utilities every Mac needs! Ensure that your Mac stays healthy and protected from crashes and freezes, disk corruption, internet intruders, and more! Mac Care Unit is the superior solution!


  • Identify the purpose and source of each of over 5,000 system files with Conflict Catcher 8 from Casady & Greene.
  • Ascertain the source of startup file problems with Conflict Catcher 8.
  • Discover viruses with VirusBarrier from Intego.
  • Find broken files or aliases with Chaos Master from Casady & Greene
  • Detect Internet intruders with NetBarrier from Intego
  • Cure:

  • Repair disks with DiskWarrior from Alsoft.
  • Recover Data with DiskWarrior.
  • Restore Data with CopyAgent from Connectix.
  • Uninstall unwanted applications with Chaos Master from Casady & Greene
  • Eliminate directory damage with DiskWarrior.
  • Repel Internet intruders with NetBarrier.
  • Make a clean system install easy with Conflict Catcher 8.
  • Fix broken files and aliases with Chaos Master.
  • Prevention:

  • Back up your files with CopyAgent.
  • Protect your drive from disk corruption with DiskWarrior.
  • Optimize your disk with PlusOptimizer from Alsoft.
  • Ensure that your applications are up-to-date with Chaos Master
  • Manage your startup files with Conflict Catcher 8.
  • Protect yourself with Anti-vandal Internet Protection using NetBarrier
  • Protect yourself with Personal Firewall Protection using NetBarrier
  • Protect your machine from viruses with VirusBarrier
  • Mac Care Unit is your ounce of prevention and your pound of cure!

    The software that you will receive is new and unused in a promo-pak booklet with CD and blank warranty registration card with serial numbers.

    This is new unused software but is priced low and is being sold as is.

    Shipping is by first class mail in the USA and by airmail to overseas locations. Shipping cost is $3 for USA and $6 for locations outside the USA.