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Spell Catcher Plus Software New Promo Pak $39.95
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This is Casady & Greene's Spell Catcher Plus

CYA Cover Your Apps!

Spell Catcher Plus is everywhere you type! It is a universal, interactive, easy-to-use collection of writing tools you can use when typing email, documents, in chat rooms and anywhere else where proper spelling is a reflection of you! Spell Catcher Plus is a useful tool for professionals, teachers, students, parents, and anyone who writes everyday.

Customize Spell Catcher Plus once, for all of your applications!

X Speed up typing when you create shortcuts to frequently used phrases, sentences, and complete signature lines using the Glossary Expansion Module.
X Use one of the References/Dictionaries for all your writing needs.
X Import you custom dictionaries from other spell checkers.
X Look up definitions and thesaurus entries in English.
X Correct your spelling in 9 languages iuncluding both US English and UK English, Spanish, French, Canadian-French, German, Swiss-German, Swedish, and Italian.
X Modify selection: e-mail cleanup, add or remove quotes, count words and phrases and more.
X Access legal medical, HTML, scientific/technical and computer terms.

The software that you will receive is new and unused in a promo-pak booklet with CD and blank warranty registration card with serial numbers.

This is new unused software but is priced low and is being sold as is.

Shipping is by first class mail in the USA and by airmail to overseas locations. Shipping cost is $3 for USA and $6 for locations outside the USA.