A diet that allows you to eat whatever you like!
From Soup to Nuts!
Chocolate Cake!
Barbecued Ribs!
French Fries!
Ice Cream!
The Super Combination Plate at your local Mexican Restaurant!
Yes Anything You Like!

And you can eat as much of it as you want!
No more tiny portions!
Eat the whole steak!
Pile on the potatoes!
A big slice of
Apple Pie
a la mode!
Second helpings!
Whatever your weakness is
You can have it!
And as much of it as you want!
There's just one catch...

You can't make a habit of it.
If you want to lose weight you will be eating mostly
and Salad
and Fruit
and Diet Jello
maybe Cottage Cheese
and other low calorie foods that contain lots of water and fiber.
But one or two meals a week
You can
Pig Out!


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Copyright 2005 David J. Nixon. All Rights Reserved.