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Chaos Master Software New Promo Pak: $9.95

This is Casady & Greene's Chaos Master utility software for most Apple Macintosh computers running Mac OS 8.6-9.x. Requires CD ROM drive, works with all Macs except Macintosh Plus, SE series, Classic series, or PB100s.

The software that you will receive is a new unused promo pack, with CD and registration/serial numbers in a cardboard booklet.

Take back valuable hard drive space!
Chaos Master has 14 easy-to-use disk and file management utilities to bring order to your hard drive. Remove duplicate or unwanted files, fix broken aliases, clean up preferences and uptdate existing applications using the power of!

Consult easy-to-use Wizard!
Chaos Master sports a quick, friendly Wizard to walk you through common clutter-reducing tasks. Chaos Master's Wizard is always available to give you guidance and support.

Keep apps up-to-date!
Avoid problems with out-of-date applications. Automatically check to see if your applications and/or control panels are up-to-date, using

Reclaim needed hard drive space!
If you edit video, encode MP3s r use a digital camera, hard drive space is a precious commodity. Chaos Master's easy-to-use Wizard ensures that you get the most out of your hard drive by:

  • deleting internet cache files
  • uninstalling unwanted apps
  • finding help files
  • finding compresses files
  • slimming fat apps
  • Reduce clutter!
    Quickly restore order to the chaos on your hard drive by:

  • finding duplicate apps/files
  • finding empty folders
  • finding lost/broken aliases
  • cleaning up preferences
  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously!
    Check your email, play MP3s, write letters - stay productive while Chaos Master is hard at work!

    Byte back - slim the fat!

    US Shipping of $3.00 for first class mail will be added at checkout. For locations outside the continental US airmail shipping is $6.

    This software is clearance-priced and we cannot accept any returns.

    Chaos Master Software New Promo Pak: $9.95

    For any enquiries please email me . We are in San Jose, California.
    Limited quantities available and offered subject to stock on hand.
    Copyright 2004-2005
    David J. Nixon All Rights Reserved