Tons O'Tutorials

Adjusting PID Gains - description
Algebra - basic algebraic operations required to do physics
Ancient nucleic acids from amber-preserved insects - could Jurassic Park be right?
Animal Einsteins - How intelligent are animals really? You'll be amazed. Scientific American Frontiers/PBS site
Astronomy Picture of the Day - with commentary by a professional astronomer
Automotive 101 - everything you need to know about your vehicle
Cell Biology Lab manual - lab procedures for studying cell biology
Chemistry for High School - comprehensive site with study resources on many chemistry topics
Classic Papers of Chemistry and Physics - over 50 of the most important papers by famous scientists over the centuries
College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry - first year undergrad physics course with excercises requires late model browser with java
Computational Chemistry - An introduction for synthetic-organic chemists
DC Circuits - Ohm's and Kirchoff's laws of basic electronics with examples and self test questions
Dangerous and Venomous Sea Creatures - as found in Hawaii waters and elsewhere
Dimensional Analysis - what units is the answer in?
Dinosaur Data Files - information about 28 dinosaurs on individual printable pages
Energy Balance Modeling and Analysis - description
Expanding Universe - - description
Exponential Growth and Decay - for example rabbits multiply exponentially
Fish FAQ - very good site with lots of pictures, answers over a 100 fishy science questions
Free-Body Diagrams - example of the forces acting on a ship
Graphing Log Paper - how to plot functions using log graph paper
Graphing Oscillating Functions - understand how a sine wave's parameters affect its graph
Graphing Simple Functions
Hot Electrons - description
Hubble Space Telescope - Manouver the HST in this VRML site
Human Origins - neanderthals and other human ancestors
La Nina follows El Nino - site of The Globe program
Liftoff - java applet that shows the orbits of various satellites
Logarithms - explore logarithms, and learn how to multiply by adding
Mass Extinction of The Dinosaurs - was it an asteroid impact or is it more complicated than that?
Material Balance Modeling and Analysis - description
Material and Energy Balance Modeling and Analysis - description
Math, Physics, and Chemistry - an interdisciplinary course that takes a few minutes to download
MathMol - a K-12 guide to the world of molecules - one section for elementary school and another for middle/high school
Mieocene Fosssils of Arabia - ancestors of elephants, rhinos and giraffes 19 million years old
Neuroscience for Kids - find out about the 3 pounds of tissue sloshing around between your ears
Optics - ray diagrams, objects, virtual images, and magnification
Origin of Tetrapods - how some fish with four legs evolved about 380 million years ago leading to most of todays land animals
PID and Servos - description
Process Thermodynamic Modeling and Analysis - description
Scanning Electron Microscope
Science Links -
SeaTrek - for pay site of Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota Florida with some free content
Servo Types - description
Simple Harmonic Motion - oscillating in a sine wave
Solar Image of the Day - the suns disk and space weather of the day
Solar System - multimedia tour of the planets of the solar system
Space Physics - more detailed plasma physics with quicktime video, images and sound
Space Physics - plasmas, heliosphere, solar wind, magnetosphere and ionosphere and phenomena such as auroras
The Backyard Weather Lab -
The Globe Program - Scientists Corner science on a global scale
The Quantum Theory - a concise illustrated overview of quantum theory for chemists
ThermoDynamic Property Modeling and Analysis - description
Torque and Rotational Motion - forces that rotate an object
Underwater Research - visit an underwater habitat or listen to an underwater volcano or whale songs
Vectors - introduction to vectors upto dot and cross product
Weather Image of the Day - NOAA/OSEI today's hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, etc
Weather Satellite Image of the Day - US east and west coasts, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii

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