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Skyrim V: The Eldar Scrolls
Xerxes - Rift Leveling Guide
Game Copy Wizard
SWTOR - Star Wars
Starcraft - Shokz Guide
World of Warcraft - Zygor Guides
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120 Modern Crossword Puzzles - new release -
50 Great College Drinking Games - -
All About the Presidents Search-A-Word Puzzles - new release -
All-Time Favorite Card Games - our favorite is Pig. Remove all cards with numbers higher than the number of players from a standard deck (aces count as one). Deal all cards among the players. Players pass one card to their left face down and receive one from their right simultaneously each turn. When one player has all the cards of a particular number, they put a finger on their nose. Other players seeing this should do likewise. The last player to put their finger on their nose is the loser -
Ancient Board Games - -
Around the House Magi -
Black Art of Java Game Programming - Java's networking capabilities make it especially suited to multi-player games played over the web. This book covers a lot of ground and is suitable for those without Java experience -
Card Games for Dummies (For Dummies -
Card Magi -
Challenging False Logic Puzzle -
Check Your IQ : The Mensa Uk Puzzle Editor -
Chess: The Complete Chess Self-Tuto -
Clever Lateral Thinking Puzzle -
Collected Wonderwor -
Creative Whack Pack - an amazing creative tool in a deck of 64 cards in four 16 card suits: explorer cards to help you find new information, artist cards to help you transform the information into new ideas, judge cards to help you evaluate the ideas, and warrior cards to help you implement your idea. Includes a booklet that suggests several games etechniques) from simply choosing a card to a tarot-like reading with several randomly chosen cards being given specific interpretations depending on their position. Cricket Explained - at last! No more will I have to explain the game that can end in a draw after 5 days' play to skeptical baseball fanatics -
Crosswords Challenge - -
Crosswords for the Connoisseur - -
Cyber-Pirates - new release -
Daily Telegraphic Crossword Boo -
Dead Gods (Delux Adventure) - new release -
Developing Java Entertainment Applets - An excellent introduction to game design with examples taken from many hit games. The introduction to Java section is one of the clearest I have read -
Dr. Bob's Instant Ring Juggling Book - -
Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks - new release -
Everyday Magi -
Feng Shui Game Pac -
Fistandantilus Reborn (Lost Gods Series , No 2) - new release -
Four from Cormyr (Adventure) - new release -
Games Magazine Presents Brain Twisters from the World Puzzle Championship -
Games Magazine Variety Crossword Puzzle -
Globe and Mail Cryptic Crossword -
Hexaflexagons and Other Mathematical Diversions - The First Scientific American Book of Puzzles and Games. A classic. You haven't lived until you've made your own hexaflexagon. Hocus Pocus : A Box of Trick -
Improve Your Chess Now (Cadogan Chess Books) - new release -
Internet Games Director -
John Patrick's Baccarat : How to Play and Win at the Table With the Fastest Action and the Highest Stakes - new release -
Jumble Jubilee : A Party of Puzzle -
Lord of the Necropolis (Ravenloft Books) - new release -
Maze : Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle - this is Christopher Manson's 45-room puzzler playable online in our puzzle category. You may save a few cents and avoid having to search by ordering through this link -
Mind Baffler -
Night of the Shark 9550 (Monstrous Arcana Series) - new release -
Of Ships and the Sea (CORE RULES (TSR) -
Opening Gambit Repertoire for Black (Essential Opening Repertoire Series -
Opening Gambit Repertoire for White (Essential Opening Repertoire Series -
Pathways in Juggling : Learn How to Juggle With Ball, Rings, Clubs, Devil Sticks, Diabolos and Other Object -
Secrets of the Maz -
Simon & Schuster Crossword Puzzle Books, Series 19 -
Sophia's Fortunetelling Ki -
Space Mazes - -
Spooky Mazes - new release -
Superdice Game (Dice Game) - new release -
Tamagotchi Egg : The Unofficial Guide to the Complete Care of Your Eg -
Tarot (The 'Pocket Prophecy' Series) - new release -
The 10-Minute Detective - 25 Scene of the Crime Puzzles You Can Solve Yoursel -
The Book of Numbers - fascinating look at the strange and wonderful world of numbers from simple integers to the various forms of infinity. Readable and yet quite deep -
The Chess Genius of Paul Morph -
The Chess Organiser's Handbook : Incorporating the New Fide Official Laws of Ches -
The Complete Handbook of Magi -
The Great Puzzle Safar -
The Last Tower : Legacy of Raistlin (Dramatic Supplement) - new release -
The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Mazes - for children 9-1 -
The Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck & Card Game : A Selection of the Doubleda -
The Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck & Card Game Deluxe Gold Editio -
The Magical Math Book - children 9-1 -
The Moscow Puzzles : 359 Mathematical Recreations - full to the brim with intriguing puzzles -
The New York Times Daily Crosswords Puzzles - new release -
The New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle -
The Official Scrabble Quiz Game Boo -
The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Ecc -
The Simbul's Gift 8581 : A Novel - new release -
The Soviet Championship -
Transylvania by Nigh -
Twin Galaxies Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Record -
Where's Waldo (Waldo Classics -
Where's Waldo Now (Waldo Classics -
Where's Waldo: The Fantastic Journey - The Fantastic Journey (Waldo Classics -
Where's Waldo: The Wonder Book - The Wonder Book (Where's Waldo? Series -
Zap Science : A Scientific Playground in a Boo -

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