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Skyrim V: The Eldar Scrolls
Xerxes - Rift Leveling Guide
Game Copy Wizard
SWTOR - Star Wars
Starcraft - Shokz Guide
World of Warcraft - Zygor Guides
Here are some links for games that supposedly run on Web TV, but I have not verified this since I don't have Web TV. I'll be adding descriptions as I get around to playing all these. When I get a report that a game doesn't work - I'll add a next to it - the second time I get a report - it's history. So if you find a game that doesn't work on Web TV, please let me know - thanks!

If you can't find the game you want try these other Web TV Games Sites

Mikey's Tune - description
New York Times Trivia Site - description
All Games Quiz - description
Archives - description
Assasin: Kill Celebrities - description
Batman TAS Quiz - description
Bell Labs Voice project - description
Bill's Games - description
Brick Out - similar to breakout done in DHTML
Bridge - description
Buffalo Castle - the only web dungeon game we've found that makes you roll your own dice!
CGI Solitaire - description
COLORING.COM - description
Canasta - description
Cassia.com - description
Castle Quest: An Online Game Of Medieval Terror - AKA Caverns of Blood
Catch the FUZZY!! - description
Chandroce's Tower - description
ChessWeb - description
Chinook - description
Crime Scene Evidence File - description
Cybermist - description
DOR cino virtual casino - description
Dear Sparky - an advice column
Diablo Plus at NetNexus - description
E Trade: Win 1000.00 - description
ENIGMA - description
Epsylon Games Center - description
Euchre - several reports this no longer works in web tv
Evernight presents: Monarchy - description
FUNBRAIN.COM - description
FUNPLANET - description
Fake Out! - description
Farkle: A Dice Game - description
Flying Creatures: Nature and Science for kids - description
Freeware - description
GNU Web Chess - description
Guess What - a trivia word game
HC Gammon - description
Hearts - description
Hondo! Magic with a message! - description
Horse Race - a betting game
Interbets.com - description
June29.com - description
Kids Domain - description
Kids games at Miningco.com - description
Legal Pursuit - description
Leisuredome - description
Lunar Lander - a game of skill
Make your own word search puzzle - description
Mirsky's Drunk Browzing Test - description
Misc. Games - description
Murder Mystery Games at NowTV! - description
Mysteries of Deep Space Trivia Challenge - description
NML:The Longevity Game - description
Net4TV VOICE - description
Nintendo: Yoshi the Web Pet - description
Noah's Ark - description
Online Games - description
Pandora 3005 - description
Pegged! - description
Pokemon - Raise your own Piccachu. WebTV compatible. For 1 player.
Poo's House - description
REWIND! The 80s entertaining, musical name the song game - description
Rod Serling's NIGHT GALLERY - description
Rollette's Revenge - description
Royal Ontario Museum - description
Rummy - description
SOLITARE - description
ScherpSchutters Soccer Quiz - description
Scrambles - a trivia word game
Shari's Fun 'n Games - WebTV compatible games
SlotCity - description
Solitaire - description
Spades - description
Sparky The Dog - does tricks
Squigly's Games - description
Stress O Rama Time - description
Student.Com Crosswords - description
Tetris - description
The ALIEN interactive story - description
The Case.com For KIDS - description
The Death Pool - description
The Hollywood Stock Exchange - description
The Javascript source: Find the Spy - description
The Javascript source: Hit The Dot - description
The Maze - description
The Mysterious World of MISSED - description
The Nutcracker Game - description
Trendy Magic Interactive Style - description
Triangle Street Diversions' Puzzle Gallery! - description
Turbulence - description
Virtualkitty - description
WEB Puzzle - description
WEBGAS:zeitgeist - description
Wacky Web Tales - description
WebTV Games - description
Webtris, by Gid - description
Welcome To Trivia World! - description
Welcome to Mad Trivia! - description
Welcome to Manic Maze! - description
Wheel of Fortune - description

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