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Skyrim V: The Eldar Scrolls
Xerxes - Rift Leveling Guide
Game Copy Wizard
SWTOR - Star Wars
Starcraft - Shokz Guide
World of Warcraft - Zygor Guides
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Amazing Pete -
Arrange 3x3 Squares - 3x3 sliding blocks either dominoes or a picture
Arrange 4x4 Squares - 4x4 sliding blocks exither dominoes or a picture
Arrange in 3D - kind of 3x3 sliding block puzzle but with two sides
Asteroids - classic arcade original in flash
Base defender - frantic defence as enemy ships come from every direction
Black Jack -
Black Knight: Get Medieval - Play the Black Knight who is sort of a medieval version of Tony Soprano. Start out bludgeoning poeple out of their gold around town and work your way up.
Bob and Weave
Caption This! -
ChocolateMilk.com - younger childrens site that requires download of Shockwave and/or Real Audio plugins
Combination -
Craps -
Donkey Kong - classic arcade original in flash
DreamLight® Gallery: Verttice
Eight Quadrates - clever original puzzle based on the 3x3 sliding blocks but with two bars to prevent certain moves that makes it difficult
FaceMaker - choose a male or female face and ad eyes, nose, hair etc, or create several faces and aminate between them
Fishfood - swim around and find the food before you become the food program seemed buggy to me
FlashZooids - more realistic looking asteroids
Four crosses - clever original puzzle based on four crosses
Galactic Warriors -
Get The Flag -
Hi-Lo -
Hit the Heckler -
Homeland defense - spray tracer in all directions to destroy bombs rainiiiing down
Jumble Sticks -
Lazer Tag -
Let's play Stalker
Lottery -
Lucky 13 -
Mud Slinger -
Muse -
Octagon - clever original puzzle similar but more difficult than four crosses
Olimpikon - clever original puzzle based on the Olympic rings
Pachinko -
Ping Pong - simpler and easier version of breakout
Prongo Maze Games - many different flash mazes
Real Slots -
Roulette -
Rubic's cube 2x2x2 - easier than rubik's 3x3? Maybe.
Rubik's cube - the original seminal twisting block puzzle
Rubik's domino - another Rubik's cube variant
Ship navigation - very tricky to control its no wonder the Titanic hit that iceberg
Shooting Gallery - fast moving targets especially the tiny falling ones
Slots -
Space Quest -
Space invaders - the original classic arcade game
Stretch Games - many flash games you can play free nd they all stretch full screen
Tile Puzzle - Tile Puzzle game on Sports Illustrated Kids Site
Tiles -
Tim Ball -
Tricircle - clever original puzzle based on three intersecting rings
Two rings - clever original puzzle based on moving letters around two intersection rings

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